Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sun. Nov. 8 Being Yourself in a Crowd

I probably didn't win any brownie points today but at least I had integrity. Our Nanowrimo writing group went to Build-a-Bear in Downtown Disney presumably to make writing mascots. Though a popular and fun idea for most, I had no interest in dropping $50 at Build-a-Bear and another $25 at the expensive restaurant they chose to have lunch at. I'm doing my best to live within my means, and not only that, but I'd rather make a one of a kind original bear if I wanted to have a bear. If they'd had a pot luck make your own bear bash I would have been all over that. I had to struggle to stand up to them and say over and over again 'no I'm not making a bear today'. And also, I ate a cheap lunch on the way there, so at the restaurant I only got a coke to tide me over.  I saw no reason to pay over $9.00 for a bowl of soup and a plate of bread. I was going to order dessert to be social, but the cheapest dessert was $9 as well. Either those people are thriving in this economy more than I am, or they are charging everything to keep up with the Joneses.

So either the Nanowrimo in Orange County is unique and more into this writing thing for their parties or the serious writers are holed up in their dens and apartments writing like crazy while everyone else is building bears at Downtown Disney.

So my theme today is being yourself even when peer pressure is trying to control you.

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