Monday, 9 November 2009

Mon. Nov9 Taking Things in Stride

Tonight I had a writer's meeting at a Starbucks for Nanowrimo. Only when I got there, it was closed. A little note was stuck to the door that our meeting had been moved to Brookhurst and Crescent. The note didn't say if that was another Starbucks, another house, or if we were going to be standing on a street corner with our laptops. So note to self...write more thorough notes. So I had to do a bit of exploring in the dark to find the other Starbucks. It's not even at that intersection, but half a block up. And because of the layout of the tables and chairs I couldn't even sit with the writers. I ended up sitting by myself on the other side. But they all had laptops, so I had more flexibility in where I could sit. There are some advantages to writing long hand. So I wrote with a pen in a notebook. I left early though, because I figured if I'm just going to sit alone and write, I may as well be at home.
Of course then when I got home I had to type it all into my computer. But that gives me a chance to do a bit of editing while I'm writing.

So taking things in stride means to be flexible with changes in plans. Don't let it ruin your whole day.

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